Electrical Machines Course Description

Basic principles of electrical machines and energy conversion, principles and operation of single and three phase transformers, principles, operation, key characteristics, and applications of DC motors, single and three-phase AC motors, and special purpose motors (e.g., stepper motors and brushless dc motors).
Course Textbook

Stephen Chapman, Electric Machinery Fundamentals, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2011. Click here to obtain the fifth edition of this textbook. For the fourth edition, click here. To get the solution manual of the fourth edition, click here. It should be noted that there are many calculation mistakes in the fourth edition of the textbook and in its solution manual as well. It is the student responsibility to find out those mistakes and avoide them.

The sections mainly required to be read in the textbook can be found in this pdf file. These sections should cover the class materials in addition to the handouts and notes given in the class.


The following pdf files are required to be studied for this course.

Optional Class Project

There is an optional class project to whoever interested in earning extra knowledge in the field of motor control. The grade on this project would be bonus and will be added to the total course grade at the end of the semester. The grade depends on the overall finishing of the project and that includes: working prototype, report, discussion, and knowledge of student about the project.

Additional Material about Motors

The following files contain useful information about motors in general.

Useful Videos about Motors

The following videos are useful to more understand motors. Search YouTube using the following titles and you will find them. In addition, you will find similar useful videos as well in YouTube

  • How Electric Motors Work
  • Magnet Motor with Coils
  • Electric Rotor Easy to Implement
  • Transformer Animation
  • AC Motor Animation Video
  • Squirrel Cage Motors
  • Three Phase AC Induction Motor Demonstration
  • Single Phase Induction Motor Animation
  • Inducdtion Motor - How It works