Design of Mechatronics Systems Course Description

Introduction to mechatronics systems design, mathematical modeling and computer simulation of mechatronics systems, control system performance analysis and applications, comprehensive projects where the students try to combine.
Course Textbook and Handouts

Clarence W. de Silva, Mechatronics: An Integrated Approach, CRC Press LLC, 2005. Click here to obtain the textbook.

The sections mainly required to be read in the textbook can be found in this pdf file. These sections should cover the class materials in addition to any handouts and notes that may be given in the class.

The sections listed in this file are required for the midterm exam and the sections listed in this file are required for the final exam in addition to the following handouts:

Final Class Project

To complete the class poject, a working prototype and/or simulation along with a technical report have to be submitted by the deadline determined in the syllabus. The report template can be found in the graduation projects webpage in www.msalah.com. The project grade is distributed on different items as explained in this file